Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reverse Pick Pocketing Ad Stunt - Talk Talk UK

Reverse pick-pocketing is in fact the art of placing one's own objects into the possession of another, either for entertainment or a charitable matter. However, the correct, street credible term, is "PUT POCKETING" - Urban Dictionary

British telecommunications company TALK TALK has hired reformed pickpockets to work as "put pockets" slipping money into pockets and handbags in a marketing campaign. TalkTalk has assembled a team of what it calls 20 "ex-pickpockets" to execute the stunt.

The stunt seems to have its roots in Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) Burger King ads form late 2008 (see below).

But it ain't cheap... the campaign will distribute £100,000 by reverse pick-pocketing. The plan is to slip 5-pound to 20-pound bills, along with cards advertising Talk Talk, to people in crowded places like Trafalgar Square.

The company, Talk Talk, plans to post signs where the ex-pickpockets are at work in London that will say "Rejoice! Put pockets operating in this area".

The broadband and telecoms company is giving away the money between now and the end of August in areas including Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, Covent Garden, Westminster, Trafalgar Square and the South Bank, as well as on the Tube network.

Chris Fitch, who says he picked pockets for a living while he was in school and kept it up until he got caught, is in charge o
f recruitment. Along with working for Talk Talk, he now provides guidance about pickpocketing prevention.

"I've got a team of 20 that I can call on," Fitch said. "Some of them are ex-offenders, and some of them are magicians, sleight of hand."

"There is actually some sense to this," Fitch said. "If I were to stand on the street and say here's £20, come and get it, they wouldn't. They would think there was a catch to this. So they came up with the idea of covertly planting the money. And that's what we do."

Mark Schmid, communications director of TalkTalk, said: "With so many scams out there, Britons have become very skeptical of companies giving money away -- so we have turned to Put-Pocketing to give something back. Adding, "While unconventional, we don't think anyone is going to mind finding a crisp £20 in their pocket courtesy of the activity."

The campaign has met with a mixed response from those who like the idea of finding a fiver in their trousers, to those who have been victims of bag snatching and other street crimes questioning the sense of such a campaign.

However, TalkTalk has anticipated such fears and says that the Metropolitan Police have been notified of the campaign.

The ex-criminals have been given ID and minders in case they do get caught in the act although TalkTalk said that the stunt has been in pilot since July 1 and none of the team has yet been rumbled.

Other UK cities will have the chance to be "put pocketed" later in the year.

CP+B - Burger King Ad:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Watch Your Ad In A Magazine.

What? Watch your ad in a magazine...
A Video player…magazine… WHAT?

Titled VIP Ads. Video-In-Ads. The first major use of the VIP ad format will be limited to copies of Entertainment Weekly distributed in New York City and Los Angeles.

Well this fall the September 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly's print edition will be embedded with a video player that will run ads for CBS shows and Pepsi.

Well it does require the magazine to do some minor modifications.

Last year Esquire magazine made headlines by putting on its newsstand covers a miniature e-paper display. It didn't do a whole lot: The small display simply repeated a message ("The future is now") before running out of power three months later. It was a fun experiment, a gimmick and something that didn’t get than repeating -- at least until e-paper can be used to create an affordable and portable complete magazine on a regular basis. Stay tuned it’s coming.

The ad comes in a heavy-paper package resembling the kind of novelty greeting cards that make noises. A roughly 5cm screen starts playing automatically as the page flips open and a small speaker is embedded below it.

CBS Corp. and Time Warner Inc.'s Entertainment Weekly billed the video advertisement as the first ever to appear in a print magazine. CBS says the video player insert, made by a Los Angeles company called Americhip Inc., will be able to withstand the binding processes and mail delivery.

Ink-on-paper titles have been trying new formats to boost advertising revenue. Newspapers have done many things once considered a no-no and magazines have even put ads onto covers.

The technology for the battery-powered ads can handle about 40 minutes of video. It's a product that has been in development at Americhip for about two years. Here are some more details about the Americhip technology (see video below):

The screen, which is 2.7 millimeters thick, has a 320x240 resolution. The battery lasts for about 65 to 70 minutes, and can be recharged, believe it or not, with a mini USB cord--there's a jack on the back of it.

The screen, which uses thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) technology, is enforced by protective polycarbonate.

The video inserts will appear in some copies mailed to subscribers in New York and Los Angeles. Readers who live in Canada and everywhere else, along with newsstand buyers, won't get the video edition.

In the ad will feature characters from CBS's The Big Bang Theory, and give a how-to on navigating the different buttons that bring up more clips of additional spots includes a Two and Half Men, a sneak peek at the new CBS comedy Accidentally on Purpose and a preview of the network's fall drama slate. There's also an ad for the Pepsi Max diet soft drink.

CBS won't say how much it is paying for the spread, but the idea behind these new experiments is generally to charge a premium for advertising that has more potential to catch readers' attention.

Whether or not this catches on, it sounds like an absolutely perfect way to breath life into slumping print ad revenues. The sheer novelty of it dictates that everyone who receives one of these special copies of the magazine will assuredly devote a full hour to watching videos on the tiny screen and more time showing it off to all their friends.

Digital Education Meets Business Addressing the Future

"Even in this economy there's a critical shortage of digital talent."

- Miles Nadal, CEO, MDC Partners Inc.
Having met and followed Mr. Nadal, I can't picture him tooling around Boulder, Colorado, with a “My Karma ran over your Dogma” bumper sticker, but he has every reason to puff out his chest as a leader in addressing the future.

Mr. Nadal, the head of multi-agency holding company MDC Partners, a Toronto-based network of agencies, the highest profile being Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) of Boulder and Miami, which has been named Creativity magazine's agency of the year five times, including this year, has started something very interesting and much needed, a business and educational partnership with the University of Colorado, a new digital arts school. Boulder Digital Works.

It will draw teachers from the university's Journalism/Communications school as well the schools advertising faculty that will develop exchange programs with Sweden's Hyper Island, one of the most highly regarded digital learning programs in Europe, will also be a partner in the program, providing student and faculty exchanges.

In other words, it sounds like a really cool "new" school to meet the changing needs of the communications world.

Initially, Boulder Digital Works will offer a 60-week certificate program in Digital Arts and Sciences. The Certificate program will begin this fall. The school will also offer 36-hour, intensive immersion executive programs in digital fluency for working professionals.

The concept is truly the mash-up between media and digital to create new digital thinkers.

Hmmmm Miles, can we talk about doing the same here in Toronto, Seneca College Creative Advertising program a leader in "Beyond Advertising" education. Let's talk.

I will post more details as they come up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The New TAXI Beta Website is LIVE... not that TAXI!

Yup. Another Beta test site... of course hearing the mere mention of TAXI... well it tweaked my interest since the CP+B site went live a few weeks back... was creative hot shop TAXI joining in on the reindeer games.

Well the world of advertising websites exploded years ago.

Ads of The World. Illegal Advertising. Ad of Da Month. Luezers Archive. Blah, blah, blah...

But one that has stood out for awhile on my radar was the TAXI for last few months and it has re-launched its portfolio and news website... and boy is it great and even easier to navigate around, and once the bugs are out... it might be the meeting place for talent from around the world.

Originally calling itself "TAXI Design Network" it remains a daily-updated international advertising, communications and design media site that bridges the many diverse creative disciplines but most importantly it is a place to promote talents portfolios. Yes there is a few but it's world-wide.

The new TAXI site aims to be even a better platform to encourage creatives around the world to share their talent, unique observations and of course opinions while promoting the interaction within the global advertising and design community.

Take a look around. Enjoy. Bookmark it.
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