Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Droga5 Hits a Home Rum with Puma Index

Droga5 New York last week hosted 20 of my best and brigthest at their agency where they revealed a very unique new webstie and application for Germany based sportsbrand PUMA.

The PUMA Index that is a stock sticker with a twist. When I say twist... I mean a twist. Pretty simple, when the stock markets go down, the model’s clothes come off. That's right The Puma Index has models taking off and putting on clothes in response to the DOW, DAX and S&P/ASX 200 indexes. When the market goes down the male and female models’ clothes come off to reveal their Puma Bodywear underwear. When the market recovers, back go the Puma clothes.

The basic idea is that if you loose your shirt on the market, at least the models do too.

Droga5 also created an iPhone application to work along side the site. Once you’ve installed the free app you can choose between a male or female guide to your index of choice, by shaking the iPhone. The market numbers will be updated automatically (actually a 15 minute delay) throughout the day and when it gets good enough, or bad enough, the models will be called into action... of course when the markets are closed you can catch their sleeping habits.

The best part for the consumer is if you show your iPhone with the app installed to a PUMA sales rep, you even get a 20% discount on your next purchase.

It's a bit of fun, and little bit sexy, app in rough economic times. Everyone needs a bit of fun, don’t you think?

After just one week and very little support 170,000+ views on the video here:

Friday, September 18, 2009

AdGuy @ AdWeek NYC


Well it seems like forever that I updated, and yes it has been.

New school year started and I have a very exciting new freshman group... you energetic future AdLanders and a grad class that has plans to make change and "Change the Rules".

Next week I will be traveling with a group of 53 students to Advertising Week in New York City and I will be reporting I hope everyday on the experience that will not help them learn but more important gain the insights on how they will find their way in this crazy business.

On top of all the great sessions that are part of Adweek, I ahve arranged for several private agency tours at BBDO with Jack Neary (formerly of BBDO Toronto), Atmosphere/Proxinity, Taxi NYC, Droga5, Vice Magazine/Virtue Branding/VBSTV and a visit with Scott Goodson of StrawberryFrog. These private lectures will I am sure will be outstanding.

To top things of I will also host for them "A Day with George Lois". I can't begin to tell you how excited I am personally to meet and chat with Mr. Lois, but the opportunity of spending time with truly one of the original MadMen of Madison Avenue.

Stay tuned. It will exciting.
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