Monday, January 18, 2016

Diary of a Ceative Director Comes to Advertising Week Toronto

Heidi Ehlers Chats with Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer DDB Worldwide

If there is one Advertising Week Toronto event that is a "must see" this is it. Mark your calendars for Tuesday January 26th at 12:30pm.

Heidi Ehlers founder of Heidi Consults and in partnership with Applied Arts Magazine present live a two-way conversation with Amir Kassaei Chief Creative Officer of DDB Worldwide as part of Heidi's on going series "Diary of a Creative Director".

This event delivers the opportunity to listen in as Heidi deconstructs the steps and the choices Amir has made during his career leading up to his current post as Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide, a network long admired globally for its creativity.

Amir Kassaei Chief Creative Officer DDB Worldwide
Amir resume includes leading his teams that have won more than 4,000 national and international awards including 140 Cannes Lions in the past five years alone. Without questions he is one the advertising creative leaders.

He was named The Big Won Report’s Top Chief Creative Officer in 2009, and has been one of The Big Won’s Top Chief Creative Officers for each of the last 3 years.

Recently Mr. Kassaei delivered a personal mandate and direction for DDB Worldwide on its plans surrounding award shows. The mandate was a strong message that has received it share of praise and criticism published originally on the Campaign blog. The piece titled "The End of False Recognitions" he notes that, 'Too many of us in the industry have bought into the idea that winning awards is proof of creative effectiveness, so much so that we’re willing to sacrifice our integrity to get them. And in turn that has lessened the integrity of the awards themselves". Give the piece a read. It will make for a great Q&A.

Ms. Ehlers debut "Diary of a Creative Director" in 2005 and over the past 10 years has featured numerous creative luminaries, including Alex Bogusky, Susan Credle, David Droga, Jeff Goodby, Gerry Graf, Tony Granger, Tor Myhren & Marcello Serpa. Each interview has strived to ask pointed questions and receive starkly candid answers from creative leaders whose career paths are truly aspirational. Do they think differently about those careers than most of us do about our own? What do they believe are the greatest keys to their success, and what hinders the success of others? What questions do they want answered when they are considering a move? How do they know when it’s time to change jobs? Can you ‘make it’ just by ‘having the book’?

Look forward to seeing you all there.

To book your seat for this event follow this link for tickets.

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