Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The New TAXI Beta Website is LIVE... not that TAXI!

Yup. Another Beta test site... of course hearing the mere mention of TAXI... well it tweaked my interest since the CP+B site went live a few weeks back... was creative hot shop TAXI joining in on the reindeer games.

Well the world of advertising websites exploded years ago.

Ads of The World. Illegal Advertising. Ad of Da Month. Luezers Archive. Blah, blah, blah...

But one that has stood out for awhile on my radar was the TAXI for last few months and it has re-launched its portfolio and news website... and boy is it great and even easier to navigate around, and once the bugs are out... it might be the meeting place for talent from around the world.

Originally calling itself "TAXI Design Network" it remains a daily-updated international advertising, communications and design media site that bridges the many diverse creative disciplines but most importantly it is a place to promote talents portfolios. Yes there is a few but it's world-wide.

The new TAXI site aims to be even a better platform to encourage creatives around the world to share their talent, unique observations and of course opinions while promoting the interaction within the global advertising and design community.

Take a look around. Enjoy. Bookmark it.

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