Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UPDATE!!! Thinking of Drinking and Driving? Deflate the Elephant!


I posted a piece on December 27th regarding the recent LCBO "Deflate the Elephant" campaign and I believe now that intent and context was not as clear as I intened. So I am posting today an apology and clarification. 

I wish to extend a full sincere and deep apology for any misunderstanding my blogpot has caused DueNorth and the LCBO. Truly, I had no intent to claim or represent any "misdoings". 

My posting had only great and kind intentions, but can be viewed as not very transparent or clear of the goals or intent of the piece which was to praise DueNorth on a brilliant campaign, and thank them for their relationship that we have built over the years to assist the development of "intelligent" and "creative" future AdLanders coming out of my program.

The posting was also to praise the hard work of my students and the level of the work done by them. As first semester students their thinking was smart and simple. The students took the strategy, established a concept using a "metaphor" that was going to start a conversation on taking the whole D&D issue back to the audience and how uncomfortable the dialog can be. I had no intention of making any claim or implying that the student work was the "foundation" or "basis" of the campaign created by or depth of the work done by DueNorth.

The DueNorth campaign is brilliant, it offers detailed "conversation starters" and very clear message on a topic that often makes the public uncomfortable, a subject so important to us all yet ignored. You can't ignore the "Elephant in the Room".

I value the relationship between the program and what DueNorth has offered the students over the years and trust that this was truly an error in the style I wrote the piece, It was written with no intent to defame or tarnish the reputation of DueNorth, or the creative talents of Dave Pigeon and Mike Jones under guidance of one of the best nurturers of young talent Karen Howe (whom I respect deeply).

I still feel this is an incredible campaign and is worthy of the exposure I intended to give it.

Please accept my apologies for ANY and ALL inconveniences this has caused and I hope that DueNorth will trust this from my heart and professional integrity.

In addition, I made an error when I pointed out that the creative team of Mike Jones and Dave Pigeon (a Seneca College Creative Advertising Grad) having won the Young Lions Cannes "Interactiv"e competition in Canada, this is an error. Mike and Dave actually won the National Advertising Competition in the "Integrated Category". The actual winners of "Interactive Category" were Lily Tse of HendersonBas and Adrian Gunadi of Taxi while the "Young Creatives" was won by Brian Quittenton of MacLaren McCann Vancouver and Seneca Creative Advertising Grad Dan Bache of Taxi Vancouver. All winners did receive the opportunity to attend the Cannes Festival.

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