Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brilliant Use of Augmented Reality for Nestlé KitKat.

KitKat UK recently launched an Augmented Reality campaign that works with its "4-Finger" bar packages.

Each of the new bar packages has a specially designed "AR" marker on the KitKat four-finger packages that hit the shelves in late August. By simply holding the wrapper up to your webcam and visiting the www.kitkat.co.uk website a special 3D video appear featuring the group "Scouting for Girls" and a song titled "Silly Song". The band will play their hit in different 3D ‘break’ environments, including a park, a train, a bedroom and a library. All places Kit Kat believes their bars are enjoyed and people will "take a break".

The Kit Kat’s new project dubbed “Kit Kat Brings Music To Life”, this represents most significant spending by Nestlé in the cybersphere to date. The experience was created by the independent agency Skive Digital of London.

The promotion includes a collaboration with with Myspace which will host four intimate concerts which "Scouting For Girls" and will launch on Facebook with the gigs being streamed live. In addition the campaign also features a chance to win £100 of Ticketmaster vouchers that can be used for upcoming concerts and events featuring Scouting for Girls.
KitKat brand manager Jemma Handley said, “Through this campaign, we’re not only demonstrating our lead in the FMCG sector for digital execution but offering consumers an enhanced experience around breaktime and music. 
Last week, Nestlé credited its investment in marketing as a driver behind the 6.1% growth in sales registered in the first half of the year. The Swiss food and drink giant revealed sales rose to £33.2 Billion in the six months to 30 June.

Augmented Reality Video

Making of the Video


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