Monday, February 14, 2011

Lowe Roche Toronto Hosting Student Portfolio Night

The highlight of every spring for me has always been the excitement of the graduating classes prepping their portfolios. What's in...what's out...who the hell knows.

I have added a few links to previous BlogPosts that should also help with putting your book together.

So the very first "Portfolio Night" has been announced for the spring term to be hosted by Lowe Roche Toronto. Uber smart and creative shop who recently hired on a intern "wrangler" to help promote, encourage and nurture the best candidates available to consider Lowe Roche for that all important "internship/mentorship". The "wrangler" has a live twitter feed, Facebook and web presence to help secure the best talent.

Well, this is one of those "RUN DON"T WALK" MOMENTS!!!

The Lowe Roche Portfolio Night will be held February 25th... that's right NEXT FRIDAY!!!

Are you ready? Can you be ready? Here's current Lowe Roche intern Vinay Parmar's opinion:

"Whoever is up for it should apply ASAP.  The poster just went up on the LR Blog today and a lot of students from other schools have been inquiring.

Hey, simple pull 3 awesome campaigns together in the next 10 days (that will feel like being in the biz in its own way) and it would be great for them to get feedback from Creative Directors Stephanie Mackie and Mark Biernacki.  They've helped me a great deal even though I came in with just 2 campaigns and a one-off."

DO IT or LOSE IT!!!!

All it takes is quick email ASAP to


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Goodbyn said...

The 25th is a FRIDAY! ;)

Anthony Kalamut said...

Thank you Goodbyn... I have corrected the error of my way!

Cheers, Anthony

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