Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are there no fresh "IDEAS" left... yes, but be careful what may inspire you.

Are there no fresh "IDEAS" left... sure there are. Plenty.

This post is about what happens when you take "inspiration" or create something that might be "too close for comfort". The "seen it before" effect.

A couple of weeks back the City of Toronto had its anti-littering campaign pulled as a result of concerns by some famous brands. It was clever and well received by the public. The campaign was created by Publicis Toronto. 

It got me thinking, have I "seen it before"?

The core concept was pretty simple, a mash-up of different types of familiar product packaging that spelt out various words to describe litter bugs and what it says about them. But the idea of "mash-up" of words isn't new or fresh.

Well, I’m a hardliner when it comes to the "too close for comfort" or “done” already ideas specifically in student portfolios... but what's original? 

Seems things are being revamped and elaborated upon and often the result are never really better or even more sophisticated with one exception... personally I like the treatment for the Expedia print campaign by Ogilvy London done last year. It's simple. It utilizes elements of the travel experience. it was a fresher and more clever take on the "mash-up".

Here's a couple of ads that seems to have inspired by this simple concept... but who came first? Who cares, except as a student when you show your book the old line you might get is "it's been done before".

Below are few ads that seem to have the core concept.

The Malteser Ambulance ad won Gold at Cannes in 2007 for Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt, Polish Ministry of the Environment from Young and Rubicam Brands, Warsaw, Poland did a trash ad in 2009, and finally the ad for Bayer Aspirin by BBDO Düsseldorf in 2011.

I'm sure there are time that you keep seeing ideas and wonder what was the "inspiration" or "I've seen that before"

Malteser Ambulance - Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt
Polish Ministry of Environment -Young and Rubicam Brands, Warsaw
Bayer Aspirin - BBDO Düsseldorf

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