Tuesday, September 1, 2015


My way of "paying forward" while fighting the good fight.


I had an idea to "pay it forward' on my journey to better health and strength.

Those close to me and a few others have known that I have been fighting the good fight for the past 15 months. I started to workout on the suggestion of one of my doctors to assist me in recovery and building my immune system's ability to work with my meds.

It started with folks noticing and commenting on my selection of t-shirts that I wore for my workout routine... from the Grateful Dead, a few baseball team t-shirts and finally my StrawberryFrog t-shirt. Then it hit me. I learned from Scott Goodson the agency founder that it doesn't take much to start a movement. After wearing my Butler Bros t-shirt I got a few more messages... then I knew I had found my way to "pay it forward":
"Send me your agencies t-shirt and I'll wear it in one of my workouts, take a photo, post it and donate $10 to Prostate Cancer Canada".
When I started my routine I was walking the treadmill "mile" and completing it in 18min 30sec... today 45 days later I am clocking in that mile on an average on 14 minutes and increased the routine to two miles and sometimes adding an extra half mile.

I am so grateful to be able to do this with strength and positivity.

With a few other agency shirts in my closest... I wore a StrawberryFrog, TaxiNYC, Butler Brothers and Juniper Park shirt. That's 4 agencies for $40.00 in week one to kick things off.

This week I have started to call out my alumni, friends and colleagues to join my challenge and they are stepping up to help out.

So please help me pay it forward and support my effort. Email me if you want to participate and I'll give the details. Deadline is in mid-October.

I am still an XXL. Grey or Heather colors work best to show my pain and sweat! 

If you want to donate directly to Prostate Cancer Canada, follow this link: #ProstateCancer Canada

Special thanks to David Barbuto for designing my banner.


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