Monday, July 5, 2010

Alex Bogusky Left CP+B, MDC and Advertising. But Does His Mom Know?

A friend of mine reminded yesterday of a great piece Alex wrote back in early February on his blog titled, "My New Job. Mom, Please Read." The reason this even came up was the interest, class and grace Alex shows to his readers, but specifically how he responded to my "comment" I posted after reading the piece.

The piece was written to address his new position to all his MDC colleagues, but also to explain to his mother who asked him "how I (Alex) planned to run 32 plus agencies". Alex asked how she had come up with the question, Mom explained, “I read it on the internet.What she read was a piece written in Fast Company about his new position at MDC as Chief Creative Insurgent which he left behind on July 1st.
I urge you to read the piece. 

After I read the piece I realized that often it is difficult to explain what we do to our friends, but most confused often are our own families. I remembered the countless times I tried to explain my job first as an Art Director, then Creative Director and I stopped trying when the business cards said VP ECD, Mom's, shesh...

I directed my comment to Alex's mother to let her know what he has done for me and my students.

Like I said, Alex once again showed his grace, compassion and positivity after he read my comment.

Dear Alex's Mom...

There's a little something you need to know about your son that might not be on the internet (and g-d knows there is no shortage of Alex Bogusky postings on the internet) and he likely didn't share at Thanksgiving.

When I first met your son I had 20 hungry young AdLanders with me on the side of a stage in NYC @ AdWeek. I introduced myself to Alex and told him that, "I preach the good gospel according to Alex Bogusky"... he quickly told me to "Careful what you preach"... he had me at hello.

Then on a trip he took to Toronto, Alex graciously accept my invite to lunch with 20 other equally hungry future AdLanders... for over an hour he engaged us and told us to, "Follow your bliss" and "Find something you love and you'll never work day in your life". Your son added that "we need to think bigger about the world and not just do ads, make a difference". These maybe old cliche lines but the impact it had changed me and changed my students.

Last fall, your son wrote another amazing book, titled "Baked In". At the book signing Alex hosted my entire class of passionate, dedicated and now highly motivated future AdLanders who all walked away with their very own "Alex story"... but none more then one of my young ones who is visually impaired, and has fear greater then any of us can imagine, again your son politely told her to simply, "follow your dream, your passions and live that dream, because fear is your biggest enemy" and then Alex opened a line of communication with her, you can't imagine the impact that has had.

So I am writing this little note to you to let you know your son is okay. This new thing he's doing... don't worry it gonna work out, probably bigger then we can imagine. Why? Well simply, actually he is amazingly great, honest, passionate,and fun loving guy (and the girls think he's cute too)... it's no wonder the "big company" has given him a new role, a role that will likely motivate, innovate and inspire a whole group of folks as he has my young AdLanders. 

Love and peace,


ps. If you have second, please call my mother she still hasn't figured out what I actually do yet... or is this mother thing.

pss. Just wondering if 'The Ivory Cottage" has a fireplace, guitar rack and spare room for a longer visit.



That has to be the absolute nicest blog response in the history of the internet. Thank you sir. I'm humbled. 

I'll call your mom anytime. 

Much love,

An update on this comment, that student I mentioned not only followed her dream, but is living her dream. She is currently in the middle of her internship at CP+B in Boulder as a copywriter.


Shisha said...

Its all so true. Alex is the most amazing and compassionate person i've seen in the industry. Few are as amazing. AK. Cheers to grace and compassion. Both Alex's and yours Anthony. I'm lucky to have met you both.

Darius Bashar said...

It is stories like this that remind me that being a marketer is not something we should be ashamed of at dinner parties when asked what it is we do for a living.

Instead we should be proud of our role in society and the great responsibility placed on our shoulders. Marketers are just as important in a society at teachers and politicians because they have the potential to influence at a large scale.

The true essence of marketing is to find stories worth sharing and to find creative and effective methods to disseminate these stories to as many people as possible with the hopes of exciting them to the point where they are ready to act. Unfortunately, often times this power is misused with the intent to attain person gain, but ultimately the same tools and resources could be applied to share stories that have the ability to enhance the quality of life for human beings. (see

We need more examples of hardworking, humble and creative marketers like Bogusky, Droga and Clow who march to the beat of their own drum and leave the world a better place when they are all done and ready for the next adventure.

Thanks for sharing you amazing anecdote Anthony.

I have to thank @_Afshin for introducing me to your blog. I look forward to reading more of your work.


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