Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alex Bogusky Returns... And He's Fearless!

Alex Bogusky returns... and he's live with FearlessQA!

Two short weeks ago to the day Alex Bogusky announced he was leaving MDC and his roll as Chief Creative Insurgent, and even greater was the impact of the announcement of his leaving advertising altogether. Speculation ran deep of what's next. The love and support posted on blogs, Twitter and other social media was endless.

Well fear not, Alex, FearlessQA and the Fearless Cottage is back and it might be better then ever before.

This Thursday marks the return broadcast of FearlessQA on Justin.TV and it promises to be as critical as any issue Alex has brought attention to. We are simply poisoning ourselves with the way food is processed and consumed at an alarming rate. Hey we are all guilty of the practice of unpackage, then hit '2:00 START' on the microwave. There's a reason for this simplicity. Its in the food, its in the way it's processed and it's killing us.

I boldly proclaim this simple by the fact that Alex will be in his element 100%. Not that he ever feared speaking his mind on any issue that he felt concern for or felt needed attention, and now it's without the speculation of the public or the FearlessQA faithful saying, "how can he say that, won't one of his clients be upset?"

I asked Alex a few questions on the future of FearlessQA and the his future planning and development of the "Fearless Cootage" and I am awaiting his thoughts. Once in place I will post them.

Prior to Alex's departure on July 1st, he had scheduled author Robyn O'Bien to discuss "What's actually inside our food?" She is can teach us a thing or two on the food we eat and why so many of us are getting sick, overweight and generally unhealthy. Her book is titled "The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It".

Robyn who was raised in Houston on the typical "diet of meat and potatoes along with her fair share of Doritos and Ding Dongs" thrown in. She was not a "foodie" but as a mother (a mother of 4) she became concerned with what her children and children in general were actually eating. From her research proved to be a wake up call for her. She has noted, "I am an unlikely crusader for cleaning up our food supply. But fortunately, there is a lot that we can do about it. We simply have to get savvy and stand together so that our voices can be heard by leaders in our government and the food industry the same way that families overseas have made their voices heard over there".

Through this work Robyn became the founder of the Allergy Kids Foundation, an organization designed to help protect the 1 in 3 American children that now has autism, ADHD, asthma or allergies (known as the 4As). the organization funds research into the development and practice of techniques designed to heal children with the 4As using an integrative, biomedical approach developed by doctors in New York.

She demands "transparency in our food system, believes that we deserve full disclosure of financial ties behind industry funded research, our doctors and our medical organizations".

She has appeared in the New York Times, on CNN, the Today Show and Good Morning America and featured in People Magazine, in Forbes Women as one of "20 Inspiring Women to Follow on Twitter", in SHAPE as one of "Ten Women Shaping the World", and by the Discovery Channel's Planet Green as a "Visionary". Robyn has been invited to attend roundtable discussions with members of Congress on health care reform and to serve on the board of the Environmental Working Group, based in Washington, DC.

What an important and brilliant guest to kick-off the next chapter of Alex Bogusky and FearlessQA.
I urge you to tune in and hear the truth. It won't be pretty, BUT the truth never is.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

Great post, very informative as always. Thanks for the wonderful 4 semesters that you've given us. We're going to miss CAB and your passionate lectures.

We'll continue on with our journeys carrying your wisdom and passion. Your spirit and inspiration won't be forgotten and it will resonance in the years to come.


A sentiment from your 2010 Cabbies

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Anthony Kalamut said...

Please let me know which links you wish to use... Totally fine with me.

Thank you for asking


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