Monday, June 6, 2011

Ad Missions: Oreo "Moving Day" - It Dunks at Heartstrings

I will be spending part of this summer as an “Ad Critic” for the National Post advertising feature titled “Ad Missions”.

Humbled and Honored.

The Ad Missions panel generally consists of academic, marketing and advertising agency executives. We will offer our views and opinions on advertising trends, commercials and all things in between.
This past Friday I made my debut along side advertising industry executives Henry Wong, creative director of Toronto-based Tenzing Communications, and Chris Hall, president of Toronto ad agency Huxley Quayle von Bismark.

Together, we offered up our thoughts on the new Oreo cookies “Moving Day” television ad.
Follow Anthony’s ad reviews as they appear every other week in the Financial Times section of the National Post.

LINK: National Post Ad Missions

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