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Sally Hogshead: A View From An AdGuy Conversations

Originally posted this July 5th, 2010 after I had the privilege of sitting down with Sally Hoghead when she was in Toronto speaking at the Art of Marketing. She lends so wonderful insights about career planning, how things work and her new book "Fascinate - Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation"

In the Spring of 2010 I had the privilege to sit down and speak with Sally Hogshead when she visited Toronto as a speaker during the Art of Marketing shortly after the release of her newest book "Fascinate".

Sally is passionate, bright and brilliant thinker. I have referred to her as a "big brain". Her newest book and our time together proved to be a wonderful learning experience and left me motivated and inspired.

Fascinate is very smart, easy and a great read. Sally divides her concept of fascination into seven universal triggers: Lust, Mystique, Prestige, Power, Vice, and Trust. Each is explained an in-depth study that explores the influence these seven triggers hold over people. Each is deeply a rooted pattern in how we react and become fascinated in our learning, engagement and influences our decision making in all parts of life. The book asks the question, what triggers cause us to make decisions, make purchases and motivates us to make changes in our lives.

Sally calls upon her experiences as a marketing innovation consultant and ad-agency entrepreneur for companies such as Target, Nike, Mini Cooper and Harry Winston Jewelers. Advertisers can longer just try to impress audiences with bold executions, the challenge today is communicate wth consumers beyond the bounds of rationality. Knowing what fascinates the consumer, building a personal message that triggers a response is the key.

Knowing your brand is one thing, knowing how to make it fascinating is now the key. When applying a trigger to a brand, take the Apple iPad as an example, the primary trigger is "Lust" and the secondary trigger would be "Trust". Apple has created a customer who lusts for their products, while based on a trust built on the quality. The more passionately someone feels about your product, the more successfully you’ve transformed a customer into a "lustomer".

Sally took the time to review my personal triggers. My primary is "Trust", secondary is "Prestige" and my dormant trigger is "Vice". Rare and interesting for me being a college professor. Episode Six below reveals her response and how I can call upon them.

This book is a very smart and fresh look at marketing, and how and why we need to change marketing strategies within the changing economy and new media available.

Our conversation was centered around how to help young AdLanders find their path and what it takes, and she had plenty of great advice and thoughts were we are are as a business and where we are heading.

She is one of the most engaging people I have ever met.

I wish to thank the kind folks at The Biz Media for providing me with the video and editing of each of the pieces. They are great group of guys who know how to get the job done and make everyone feel very at ease, and I really thank them for that.

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I asks Sally about how she got started in the ad industry. She reveals her interest in Sociology, and discusses the influence of society and on the consumer.

Sally offers some insight into the self-doubt that is inevitably experienced by every young "AdLander".


Sally discusses dealing with rejection, and the importance of finding a place that nurtures and supports young talent.

She touches on the advantages of working for a big agency and offers some insightful advice on the ever-important informational interview.


Sally offers her thoughts on the advertising industry today, including how it has changed since Madison Avenue was the capital of it all and where its going in the future. In addition she offers her opinion on social media, inventing new media, and coming up with big ideas that are persuasive beyond the media platform.


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Sally talks toabout the origin of her newest book, Fascinate AND reveals the books non-marketing approach to understanding consumer behaviour and talks about interpreting marketing in a more instinctive way.

Sally offers her opinion on earning trust from the consumer, and the importance of effective reactive campaigns.

Anthony Kalamut talks to Sally Hogshead about the F-Score test - the main focus in her newest book, Fascinate.

Sally talks about the F-Score test - the main focus in her newest book, Fascinate and the importance of earning the consumers trust, and the inherent right-brained/left-brained nature of many consumer triggers.

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