Saturday, August 10, 2013

These KMart Puns Are Killing Me... But Do They Work?

First it was customers “Shipping [their] pants.” Now it’s “big gas savings”

With over 24 million views on YouTube it would suggest YES!!!

At the time of this posting "Ship Your Pants" was over 19 million views and "Big Gas Savings" had just over 5.2 million. Those numbers support the YES!!!

But do puns get old? I believe they can... and likely will. There's always a fear that the jokes are already getting old but they seem to get traction in the social-sphere. We have become a culture addicted to over share on Facebook and Twitter.

My colleague and friend Suzanne Pope (you should be following her blog religiously at has a great insights on the subject in an article she wrote a few years back (see item #4): 
‘If puns don’t make sense for the brief on every level, then ditch them.’

Kmart was created by DraftFCB

Kmart's isn't saying whether it will continue this streak of "puntastic" advertising. A Kmart spokeswoman said, “Creativity is important in Kmart’s advertising; especially to engage our members and share new information on promotions and initiatives. We believe that humor is a natural part of the strategy.”

Hot on the heels of its "Ship Your Pants" and "Big Gas Savings" spots, the discount retailer came out with another humoros back to school ad that has also gone viral (2.2 millions views). While the previous entries relied on double-entendres, the newest one mines another classic comedy trope: Little kids cracking "yo mama" jokes in the schoolyard.

The jury is out. We'll see.



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