Monday, April 23, 2018


It's easy, you can do it naked or in your favorite onesie and it's free.

Creative Director Cameron Boyd (left) formerly of Cummins & Partners Canada and Tony Miller (right) CDFeedback Creator and ECD AndersonDDB at the Seneca College AdTLC Portfolio Review Night.

So, you are a soon to graduate or budding copywriter, art director or designer looking for your first job this is a dream come true.

I remember how difficult it was to get my book reviewed by Creative Directors when I got started in the business. They seemed to be busier than a one-armed bricklayer. Endless phone calls. Leaving countless messages with the "gate keepers" (the receptionist - note: to this date I will never forget the 2 pack-a-day of cigarettes receptionists voice at Baker Lovick). Then along came voicemail (years before email)... uggggggh!!!! Now you can pick through a list of some of the top CD's, send/upload your work and await the feedback. Yup, that easy.

I am proud to announce the launch of created by Tony Miller ECD of AndersonDDB. Tony was kind enough to let me be part of his planning over the past 3 years before getting this off the ground. The Seneca College Creative Advertising program is proud to support this opportunity for all "students of advertising".

This site is an amazing portal to receive feedback from some the most humble, creative and passionate Creative Directors. CDFeedback allows you to reach out, ask for feedback on your book, your latest campaign, your ideas. The Creative Directors are committed to giving that feedback in a timely manner.

Over time the site will offer articles and tips on what to expect, prepare and career launching.

The list of CDs are a "Who's Who" of our industry including Simon Creet, Nelson Quintal, Linda Carte, Matt Litzinger, Brian Murray, Ronny Chong, Cher Campbell, Brian Murray, Shaun King, Jamie King, Jason Andrews, Lance Martin, Kinney Edwards, Alan Madill, Chad Borlase, Cosmo Campbell, David Daga, David Crichton, Suzanne Pope, Jack Neary, Josh Stein and many others.

Use this resource as often as you like. But be respectful. After all they are busy folks.

Check the complete list of current Creative Directors who are offering reviews. Check back to see regular updates.

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