Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CP+B... Holy Mother of Jebus, Another Mind Blow

Okay, caught this just after it went live. Played for a an hour or so.... everything I needed and a few surprises.

Sure to be the "Buzz" for the next few days. Too bad it's the Canada Day holiday tomorrow and so many of us will be away from their computers.

Crispin Porter & Bogusky joined and may have rewritten the Web 2.0 landscape today with its revamped site. As Alex Bogusky says in the introduction video it will be a "giant digital fishing net" of all things CP+B. Yes, there is always digital static and noise about the Miami and Boulder shop.

It's part social web and traditional agency promo except the new CP+B home page, you get both the good and the bad of what everyone's saying about the agency and its clients.

CP+B is the latest agency to revamp its Web site with an eye toward aggregating content and letting others around the Web tell its (CP+B) story. The site, collects videos, Tweets, news headlines and blog entries that mention the agency or its work, yes it has all "the good, the bad, the mildly unnerving," as a large-afro-ed Alex Bogusky says in the video below.

Click on a Twitter feed and see people tweeting about "I'm a PC." Click on a Microsoft tab and see a Newsweek article about Microsoft "Laptop Hunters" campaign. Click on contact, and it takes you to a map of Crispin's Boulder office courtesy Google Maps instead of a Bing map... oops isn't that the Microsoft search engine. Oh wait, Crispin may not be responsible for Bing's advertising (that's JWT), but CP+B is Microsoft's consumer agency of record -- and one of the biggest shops on its roster, paid some $300 million to promote the brand. You'd think the least they could do is help a struggling new search engine out via all those clicks from hungry young job-seeking creatives. Not sure that is what the this site is about, but then again I can see an assistant to the CMO making it an issue.

Check out the work by client. Check out Alex and his hello. Check out the Twitter and Facebook links... and join the fun and education in what is going on in creative thinking today by linking off site to changethethought.com.

This will be the first of I am sure a few post I will deliver on the site as it finds its way through the bugs and snakes of a beta launch.

Stay tuned folks... the fun has just begun, for all that is the "the good, the bad and the ugly (mildly unnerving)".

I am sure as more folks hit the site the ugly will follow... it always does for CP+B.

PS. It took less then 30 seconds for my tweet to appear on the site and 5 minutes for my blog post to appear. It's part magic and voodoo I am sure.

PPS. Oh and Gawker called him That Ad Guy... hey BTW, I am the AdGuy.

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