Tuesday, June 30, 2009

From iPod to Billboard

I love touchscreen technology.

I saw this video online for a multi-user touchscreen that was on display at the Cannes Lions last week.

Last Monday, delegates at the Cannes Lions Festival streamed out of a seminar and walked past a large interactive touch screen -- a sort of festival guide -- that was positioned nearby. As one woman stepped close to it, her name appeared there.

She uncertainly extended a hand and was quickly joined by Trevor Kaufman, CEO of WPP-owned Schematic. Schematic designed the "Touchwall," an interactive guide to the festival and its environs in Cannes. Schematic is an interactive agency that creates branded experiences (see their website for a crazy-great interface).

The operation and look is very cool in the sell... hope its execution is as good. I can see the future of the engagement being endless and with everyone loving the idea of touch-technology (see iPod/iPhone). For example, the Coke touch-screens at Cannes let people spin a large, 3D bottle left or right, watch videos, or rub a simulated wall of ice. All in 3D and high definition.

To build its Coke machines, Cannes worked with Samsung, BMW Designs, and interactive agency Sapient. The machines will be distributed around the world in the next year or so.

Quick thought: the social aspects of this are intriguing, but if it's too successful, you'll see lineups of people waiting to get their messages.

Who will be first to go "major mainstream" with this?

Trust me, I'll be checking


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