Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yes Men You Can Keep Your Balls Clean With Axe!

Oh good G-d I generally hate the "pun" and "double entendre", "sexual innuendo" and this spot for the Axe Detailer may win awards for hte total number, count them... I was ready to take bets on an under/over.

The casting also makes this spot perfect for the target, featuring Jamie Pressley (as Monica Blake) who plays an ex-tennis star spokesperson for Axe and their new product: “The Axe Detailer“ a product meant to clean more then mans’ balls, but this spot reminds us indeed your little friends down there also need to be washed from time to time!

The ad itself had me smiling, maybe even laughing, but it is a little to heavy on the pun and the double entendre. It does take a seriously talented writer to keep the momentum in this type of spot, keeping you engaged beyond the third pun/entendre... so well done. My favorite creative highlight is at the end of the's all about words and visuals isn't it (hint, hint..wink wink)!

Seriously, I shouldn't have "bone" on for this ad because Axe products are aimed at teenagers or men who still think like teenagers.

The spot was created by BBH, New York.

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