Monday, July 11, 2011

AdMissions Review: Fear Not Martini You're Safe.

It’s summer and that makes it beer season in Canada, and the ads are out to prove it.

This week the "Ad Missions" Team reviewed (and I actually sampled the beer) a TV ad created by CP+B Toronto for Molson Canadian 67 Sublime which pits the low-calorie beer against a martini.  Somehow the comparison has fallen short.

I really want to love this cute little 15-second spot.

It has key elements for communicating a strong message for Molson Canadian 67 Sublime. It has a breezy summer patio setting, perfect for a hint of lime beer. It has a woman reaching in with her pink sleeve and well-manicured hand, which is the targeted audience. It states the 67-calorie message, which hits the audience during bikini season. For entertainment, it even has a cuteness factor of a pair of “googly” eyes with a sense of fear in them. What this spot doesn’t offer is a fair comparison, appeal or message. You gotta dig deep to find all this.

Those cute, fear-filled eyes are in fact a pair of olives in a couple of martini glasses that see competition in not being the favoured summer drink of choice. Comparing martinis to beer, even a calorie-conscious lime beer, is like comparing apples to avocados.

Like martinis, beer is all about taste. In this case it’s lime. It’s summer. It’s refreshing. It’s 67 tiny calories. Will women actually favour a beer over a martini? Fear not, my little martini friend, you’re safe for now.

View the spot:

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