Friday, July 29, 2011

BEST OF A View From An AdGuy - Secret Career Advice for Young AdLanders "All it Takes is a Little TLC!"

Originally posted to the Advertsing Week Blog where I am a member of their original "Blog Squad"

On Day One of Advertising Week 2010 has clearly demonstrated that it has become “The Premier Event” on the advertising calendar. Sure the south of France and Cannes has the big “cache”, but it doesn’t offer the same resources and engagement with industry leaders all in one room.

On the first day I watched the many young “Adlanders” affixed to the voices of a diverse group of industry leaders sharing their knowledge, opinion and insights to where we have come from and where we might be heading. But today a great lesson was shared and learned during a networking opportunity before at the Billboard “Amp'd Up!” opening concert benefiting GeneratioNext. It wasn’t much of an exchange in terms of time, but it was a powerful exchange.

Fellow ”AdWeek BlogSquad” member Allison Walton and I managed to muscle our way to center stage and front row for the “Amp'd Up!” Concert featuring Bruno Mars followed by John Legend with The Roots. Sharing the tight confines found us chatting in a matter of seconds with an amazing young women named Courtney Gallo who works for The Partnership For A Drug Free America. She is a Field Services Manager who has enough passion, energy and spirit to fill the room. As we chatted it was a “gem” of a concept Courtney dropped on Allison who used this chance meeting as a networking opportunity.

“It’s all about TLC”. Brilliant!

Talent. Luck. Contacts.

This simple little concept is what ever young “Adlander” needs to understand.
I chatted with Courtney about how this idea came about and it was clear why she has achieved her career success to date. “You need talent, that’s your stock, that’s your commodity. You won’t get far without a depth of talent”.

“You’re gonna need a bit of luck, maybe lots of luck”, she added. To me luck is about creating opportunity and that’s were the magic of “contacts” comes into the mix. The more contacts made the more opportunities can come about. I thought about it this way, you can buy one lottery ticket, but that’s one “chance” to get lucky, add a few extra and the chances your luck will increase rises.

It became apparent quickly why Courtney strongly believes in this concept, and it didn’t take long for me.

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