Monday, July 6, 2009

Jennifer Wells Returns to The Toronto Star

Jennifer Wells, who has been covering the "Ad Buzz" for The Globe and Mail for more than a year, returned to The Toronto Star today.

You've been likely following her at "AdHocracy", the blog attached to her weekly "Persuasion" page in Friday's Report on Business section.

Wells has been at the Star as a feature writer and then columnist.

"We're thrilled she has decided to rejoin the best writing team in Canada," said Michael Cooke, the Star's editor. "Welcome home, Jennifer!"

Before working at the Star, Wells worked for Maclean's Magazine, Report on Business Magazine and the Financial Times.

She has authored two books, one of which won the National Business Book Award.

Jennifer was a good friend of the program, a kind source and was a supporter of all things advertising... it was my pleasure supporting and working with her during her time at the Globe.

Personally, I am wishing you all the best Jennifer in the future.

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