Monday, July 27, 2009

Microsoft to Open Retails Stores... Does It Look Familiar?

I am hoping this is just a typical "Onion" type piece. But no it's not satire, it's real and it's coming... real soon.

So word has been around for a few months now that Microsoft is going to open "retail" stores... with an enlarging product line, and why not?

Well, according to a PowerPoint presentation leaked last Thursday, it's going to make the Apple Store look downright boring.

The "secret" plans for the stores have been leaked on-line... LOL, since when have we stopped believing in the "LEAKED" line. Please!

Microsoft's confirmed it has hired a former Apple retail executive to help with its store openings. George Blankenship, was a GAP executive before joining Apple, and was in charge of finding the prime locations that Apple picks for its retail stores. His work with Apple goes back to the start of the decade when Apple kicked off its retail endeavor.

Blankenship will be working for Microsoft as a consultant, not as an employee.

Representatives from Microsoft have told that some of the stores will be close to existing Apple retail locations, hinting that it isn't afraid to battle Apple head-on.

The Microsoft "flagship" stores will take hte best elements from the Apple Store, Sony Style and other "flagship" stores. The primary focus will be to showcase Windows 7, Xbox, PCTV (Windows Media Center) Surface and Windows Mobile.

See the details from Fast Company and Gizmodo.

Tell me if the plans look familiar? Does this have look of a certain "Fruit" based computer vendor? Okay, Apple owns this concept.

My father taught me early in life; "You can't polish shit, but you can put a bow on it, but in the end it's still shit".

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