Friday, November 13, 2009

The Advertising Design Club of Canada – Directions'09 Gold Winners and Seneca Grads Score GOLD!

In Toronto tonight (November 12th, 2009) we celebrated the 60th Annual Directions Award Show... wow sixty years!
Hosted by Pirate Radio and Canadian advertising guru Terry O'Rielly, the ADCC awarded the Les Usherwood Lifetime Achievement Award to designer and illustrator Barbara Klunder. famous locally for her BamBoo Club posters and the cover design for the Rolling Stones VooDoo Lounge recording.
In total tonight 42 Gold Awards were presented. Here is a list of all the winners:
(Seneca College Graduates working as either Art Directors, Copywriters or Creative Directors plus their agency is indicated in GOLD)
ADCC – Directions 2009 -  GOLD WINNERS

Advertising Innovative

Advertising Innovative, Single – Zulu Alpha Kilo – “Thinking Inside The Box”

Advertising Innovative, Campaign – zig – “We Need To Talk”

Student Competition

Student Competition – Loretta Lau, OCAD – “Terminal”

Interactive Design

Business To Consumer Websites – Proximity Canada – “The Alka-Seltzer Great American Road Trip”

Viral Marketing – Proximity Canada – “ The Alka-Seltzer Great American Road 
Trip-BBQ Song/Cheese Rap/World’s Worst Commercial”

Product Promotions – Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett, Toronto – “Supercrazyalive”

Emails/Evites/Eblasts – Grip Limited – “Kokanee Ranger Live or Die Personalized Invitation”

Entertainment Miscellaneous – The Vacuum – “Watchmen: 6 Minutes To Midnight Interactive Trailer”

Self-Promotion Websites – Zulu Alpha Kilo – “Think Website”

Graphic Design

Complete Design Program – lg2boutique – “Maison Théâtre”

Environmental Design – Nolin BBDO – “Milk-So Much To Love Mobile Store”

Graphic Design Miscellaneous – Clean – “The Lakeview”

Advertising Print

Consumer Magazine Ad Single – GREY Canada – “Cheddar”

Consumer Magazine Ad Campaign – Rethink – “Paris/Tom/Amy”

Public Service Campaign – Rethink – “Treadmill/Boxing/Wheelchair Basketball”

Advertising Transit Campaign – Rethink – “Candy Floss/Caramel Apple/Snow Cone”

Advertising Transit Single – Rethink – “Caramel Apple”

Trade Ad Campaign – DDB Canada Vancouver – “Carpet/Bars/Clock”

Trade Ad Single – DDB Canada Vancouver – “Carpet”

Public Service Ad Single – Juniper Park – “Rubber Ducky”

Advertising Photography Campaign – Juniper Park – “Hummingbird/Shears/Spade”

Advertising Photography Single – Don Dixon Film + Photography – “Purell Toilet Subway”

Advertising Posters Campaign – DDB Canada, Toronto – “Brian/David/Kim”

Advertising Poster Single – DDB Canada, Toronto – “Brian”

Advertising Billboard Single – Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto – “Mantle”

Advertising Billboard Campaign – Leo Burnett, Toronto – “Share Our Billboard Campaign”

Advertising Best Art Direction – Lowe Roche – “600 Years/Napoleon/Obsession”

Advertising Miscellaneous – BBDO Toronto – “Ice”

Michael O’Reilly Best Copywriting Award

Copywriting, Advertising Print – Grey – “Barbell”

Copywriting, TV– TBWA\Vancouver – “The Overanalyzing The Film People/The 
Not Really Into Foreign Films People/The Seat-Saving People”


Radio Public Service Campaign – TBWA\Vancouver – “Break and Enter/Structure Fire/Suspicious Person”

Crafts, Animation – BBDO Toronto – “Muffin Man”

Crafts, Cinematography – Target – “Find Yourself Here”

TV Single 30 Seconds – Leo Burnett, Toronto – “Pee Pee”

TV Single, 60 Seconds- BBDO Toronto – “Batlle In A Bag”
BBDO Toronto – “Battle In A Bag”

TV Single, $50,000 or less – doug agency – “Scooter”

TV Single, Retail – DDB Vancouver – “Chase”

TV Campaign – Cossette – “Karate Chop/Monkeys/Robot Friend”

TV Single, 15 Seconds – Cossette – “Robot Friend”

TV Public Service Campaign – Rethink – “Kama Sutra/Scrapbooking/Mt. Everest”

TV Public Service Single – john st. – “Help Child Soldiers”

Advertising Multimedia

Advertising Multimedia Campaign – john st. – “The Wiserhood”

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