Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Concept of Crowdsourcing Grows - Snickers

There has much written in the past few weeks about crowding sourcing. Last week the opening of Victors&Spoils, the worlds first "crowdsourcing" model agency comes a major brand seeking the best of what is the "crowd".

Snickers, yes that unique, delicious, and substantial combination of peanuts, chocolate, caramel and nougat... well they have launch a opportunity on PopTent to create and develop video content starring Snickers.

Snickers is looking for either traditional ‘commercials’ or pass-along (viral) videos — original, authentic and entertaining Snickers content which consumers will pass along, and use as inspiration for their own content creation.

The challenge is to be creative, so don’t just follow the approach of previous Snickers® campaigns. You can either:

• Produce a fun, engaging traditional :30 second commercial
• Or produce a pass-along (viral) video of about :30 seconds in length … you choose

The Brief
Your creative ‘bulls eye’ is males age 18-34. Snickers® has played a memorable role in ‘guy culture,’ with a long and celebrated history as the ‘go-to-bar’ for satisfying hunger.

The Pay-off

You could earn $5,000 for each video they purchase or one of the $2000 in guaranteed awards.
Go to the PopTent site to register and read the Creative Brief for all the details and some more delicious inspiration.

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Phil said...

Hi Anthony, thanks for showing me the ropes, and especially for teaching me that I smell just as bad as anyone else.

There's another contest some of your students might want to look into.

Canadian Apprenticeship Journal Logo, Print, and Website Design Contest

Phil, CAB 2000

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