Saturday, November 14, 2009

They Have A Winner. Victors & Spoils Logo Launched


Victors & Spoils, the worlds first "Crowdsourcing" advertising agency launched there logo this past week. And it's a winner!

After reviewing 1,120 entries from around the world it came down to this unique and wonderful design. Simple, clean and  memorable. What gets my attention is the power of the typography and details that play into the exact purpose and culture that V&S is all about:
"Power The Brand"
"Power To The People"
"Solving Problems with Communal Creativity"
It certainly does send that message clearly. A message that is all about being empowered. You can love or hate (lots of haters out there) the idea of "crowdsourcing" is here and will likely grow.

This logo was designed by Andrea Bigiarini who lives just outside Florence, Italy. Imagine, the message of how small and perfect the world is. Would Andrea be able to sell his design from Italy to the world without the "new model". Of course not. This isn't about "spec" work, this about new opportunities. We are living in a new world and that is a fact. Choose your side, but choose what will get better and smarter work. Spend some time and see the other entries.

When he was asked about if "crowdsourcing" is bad for design, seeing that there is myriad of reasons stated in the "no-spec" movement, he simple answers “I think that competition is part of human nature and competition makes things better. Crowdsourcing is the future and is a good way to work during a global economic crisis.”

On the V&S website, it is stated that they feel lucky enough to find a talent like Andrea via "crowdsourcing" and that it illustrates perfectly that for those who wish to embrace this inevitability, it can work beautifully. V&S found it poignant, magnificent and heartwarming that a man with the utmost of traditional design backgrounds has chosen to give this "newfangled" and much deliberated creative platforms a shot. Yes, instead of lamenting the evilness (the word commonly used on many blogs and websites have written), "Andrea came with an open mind and heart, and simply decided to jump in and give it a try". 

Sadly after the launch too many critics have crawled from under their rocks to hate! From blog to to blog it's the same old same old. This whole concept will undermine the integrity of our business. Here are a few comments posted:
"Crowdsourcing so far has undervalued our industry. It would be different if the concept paid standard logo rates instead of the $1000 I’ve seen on various "crowdsourcing" sites".

"A 100 monkeys typing on 100 typewriters for 100 years, will not produce a work of Shakespeare. Personally, I’d rather hire 1 big brain and skip the 100 monkeys hoping to strike it rich... "crowdsourcing" encourages solutions with the highest probability of being chosen. In other words: safe solutions... So go have your 100 monkeys. I’ll take the 1 big brain".

"How many people spent hours working on something for this project and didn’t get a dime, didn’t get a mention, and didn’t get anything but a “sorry, try again”... Thanks for opening the next digital sweatshop. Enjoy your profits.
Here's hoping that more talented people embrace his mindset.

See other designs not selected but also received acknowledgment.

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