Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hog Blog (Sally Hogshead) - One of My Favorite People Delivers Again

Sally Hogshead is one of my favorite people in this crazy biz. She inspires me and in turn inspires so many.

With the last name "Hogshead" it is a given that there is likely an unconventional point of view after surviving years of harassment on the playground. Sally has been described by the press as "audacious," "intrepid," a "mastermind" and "the Oracle of Venice Beach." Today Sally is a speaker, author, and branding expert on radical innovation and career coaching.

She has for the past few years offered some of the greatest insights that I share regularly with my students on career planning, goal setting and life skills. But that is just the inspiration part of Sally Hogshead, she has made me laugh more then once with witty Facebook and Twitter posts.

In just her second year in advertising, Sally won more awards than any other writer in the country, and at age 23, began giving keynote speeches on branding and personal performance. She co-founded her first ad agency the celebrated boutique agency, Robaire & Hogshead at the age of 27 and created notable campaigns for some of today’s biggest and hottest brands. In 2001, Sally founded the West Coast office of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. At CP+B she had the dual role of Creative Director/Managing Director, Sally created and led work for MINI, Rock the Vote, Fine Living Network and Ikea.

Her book "Radical Careering" is often on loan from my office for the whole semester. Radical Careering is a both a must read book and her website/blog "Hog Blog" is must read... regularly.

I was checking in on the the "HogBlog" and came upon her latest format for the blog. A wonderful typographic design and clearly as noted, "ADD Friendly Reading". These little inspirational snapshots are from what she regularly posts on both Facebook and Twitter. Each offers the reader a moment to reflect on their own career and life each day, if not that then a moment to pause and say...Hmmmmmm! A few personal favorites of mine are:

"Passion is not a luxury. It's an imperative"
"The most risky decision is not making one"
"The most risky decision is not making one"
"The best creative thinkers aren't those who can come up with THE brilliant idea, but can keep going when ideas get killed over and over"
"Results + reputation + network = your market value"
"A “balanced” life is not the same as living half-assed" "Options = power. Choices translate to greater control in your career, and in life"
"Circumstances can’t cripple your career as much as doubt or passivity.
If you haven't heard of or never followed Sally, now is the time to start. You will learn, grow and find more about your potential than in any one place.

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