Sunday, August 21, 2011

AdMissions Review: Burger King Whopper "Ring Master" Spot Visits Old School Gag

Interesting challenge put to the National Post AdMissions team this past week. We reviewed a spot for the renamed Burger King Whopper Ring Master (formerly known as the Bourbon Whopper). The spot called upon an old school gag of "hide the engagement ring in the food" trick. SO do are two young lovers seal the deal or do we see the girl as a gold-digger"? Overall the spot is simple and sweet. In fact it works but only for the required final shot.

I think Henry Wong of Tanzig Toronto (bonus if you know where the agency name came from without Google) added a great note in his review, "... there are two versions: A 30-second and a 15-second. Thirty-second ads are a good length to tell such a story. Fifteen-second ads – no. The shortened version lacks the time needed for the action and reaction of two funny actors. As well as to show the requisite mouth-watering product shot". Take a look at the :15sec version and you see it exactly how this spot fails and the :30sec wins.

Here's my AdMissions Review:

You know you might have a great spot when it can make you laugh, cry and then turn to prayer. Well after seeing the Burger King Ring Master Whopper spot I did laugh at how Taxi 2 managed to pull out the old school gag of “hide the ring” in the food. Sheesh, 1974 called and wants its gag back.

But after seeing the spot a couple more times that laughter turned to tears of disappointment when I thought about the audience that was likely hoping (if not encouraging) for the perky blonde gold-digger to not check the burger, eat the ring, choke and be forever silenced. All that was left was a few prayers for the poor chump left thinking he was a little more original.

Yup, I laughed, I cried and now a couple of Bloody Marys er … Hail Marys … will ensure that I will never forget the BK Ring Master Whopper. Success, I guess, since I never remembered this Whopper was originally known as the Bourbon Whopper. Bartender..

The Burger King Whopper Ring Master :30sec

The Burger King Whopper Ring Master :15sec

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