Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AdMissions Review: Facebook Fans Drive Volkswagen Ad Campaign "Drive Until"

Red Urban Toronto created an new campaign called "Drive Until" for the Volkswagen Golf and it has been generating great attention. Created as a series of spots or chapters titled "Courage" and "Time". Chapters one and two each drew upon memorable soundtracks, emotional and thoughtful story lines leading to the potential of endless chapters. But VW and Red Urban created even greater intrigue when it offered up the opportunity for followers of the VW Facebook page to help bring to life Chapter 3, the next part of the story. It has finally been launched and is titled "Talk".

For the final chapter of the trilogy, Red Urban asked Facebook fans of Volkswagen to collaborate and create the script, choose a cast and pick the music. "Talk" is by far my favorite. Red Urban posted the :45sec spot as part of 2 minute film version that gives credit to all the "fans" that offered their thoughts and contributions. 

Christina Yu the EVP, Executive Creative Director noted, "Volkswagen translates as "The People's Car" and was is founded on the democratization of mobility, so its seems fitting to open up the 'Drive Until' Campaign and invite people to help create the next commercial in the series. We like to call the initiative the "Volks ad".

Das Smart.

Very cool wrap on the trilogy.

Here's my AdMissions Review
It's taught at every level of film and ad schools that to be a great storyteller you need the right mix of ingredients. Two of these are great images to capture the viewer's eye, the other is adopting the right soundtrack to evoke emotion.

These two vignette spots fully captured the view and emotions of real life through beautiful photography and direction by Jean-Michel Ravon and Red Urban Toronto.

If the two spots "Courage" and "Time" are the start to the campaign, which will unfold in a series of chapters, it will be a best seller. And now calling upon the very loyal and deeply passionate Volkswagen nation to come along for the ride by writing the next chapters via Facebook will add the authenticity too often missing in serial ad campaigns.

Curious to see how the next chapters will unfold bringing together the user content, the agency filters and the client bravery.

Be brave Volkswagen. Be brave. Wish there was a LOVE+ button.
Note: Since the posting of the original AdMissions review Chapter Three was released see below.
Volkswagen "Drive Until" Chapter One: "Courage"

Volkswagen "Drive Until" Chapter Two: "Time"

Volkswagen "Drive Until" Chapter Three: "Talk"

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