Monday, August 15, 2011

Lee Clow At Ground Zero of California Cool: Think Different - The Surfer's Journal 20.4 Feature

I've been reading The Surfer's Journal now for about 15 years... yup I may be landlocked but I'm passionate about surfing from a very young age during my summer's spent in Ocean City, New Jersey. No big waves, but enough to fuel an young boys interest. Life on the beach can do that.

When I briefly moved to California in 1981 I spent many a weekend admiring and watching the surfers off the Manhattan Beach Pier, Santa Monica Pier and countless beaches along the PCH.

This story features the 68 year-old Lee Clow from his many complex sides. Creative genius, hardcore surfer and passionate life-liver (okay I made that word up) and every piece of Lee in between. From his early days at Santa Monica College to his army stint at Fort Bliss, Texas (okay that name is just too cool) to being landlocked in New Mexico (he notes "I never understood how people can live out there or anywhere in the middle of the continent) to staring in advertising at NW Ayer and finally hitting full stride when he campaigned Chiat/Day CD Hy Yablonka and landed upright. The rest is history. A brilliant history.

Read the excerpt at The Surfers Journal 20.4

"Lee Clow At Ground Zero of California Cool: Think Different"

BTW Consider buying TSJ, the stories are from surfer's and images will find you booking your next vacation.

Watch this video to better understand "Give Me Water, Give Me Surf or Kill Me Now"

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