Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AdMissions Review: "Sie Sind Verrückt!" - Playland Vancouver Goes For The Big Tease

Rethink Vancouver has won more awards for the Vancouver amusement park Playland then you can shake a stick at... and rightfully so. This latest spot features the latest ride addition, "Atmosfear".

I have always loved the creative for Playland because they generally creates a big buzz, amuse and give the viewer an understanding of the actual ride experience without actually experiencing it.

Here's my review of the spot for AdMissions.

"Sie sind verrückt!" (That means, "You must be crazy," in German).

You must be crazy if you don't love a great cliché either, and here we have one of the best subtly at work: "Only an awesome feat of engineering and thrill can be delivered if the Germans are behind it" (insert snicker or snooze).

Great tease, and it may be crazy, but what is it? What is Atmosfear? A coaster? A thrill ride? I guess I wanted a bit more of an idea of what I was in for, especially if it's designed by Germans (again, insert a snicker or snooze). 

A simple, subtle hint - a model at the desk, a blueprint during the presentation - because after all, it's "only" a chair attached to chains spinning 200 feet above the earth at 70 kilometres an hour that would likely have you revisiting the pound of fudge or half-gallon of cola you downed with your deep-fried burrito.

Less tease, more action. Me, I'm staying safely on the ground.
Playland - "Atmosfear"

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