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The Very Sexy Aminal Kingdom Comes To Life. Orangina and Beyond...

Orangina 'Naturally Juicy' by FFL Paris

Recently a student of mine Kateryna Topol posted a piece on my Facebook page from Campaign titled "Top 10 surreal TV Ads".

I was sent down memory lane quickly back to the Fall 2007 and long before a world of a million bloggers who would have had this spot "viral" in a matter of minutes.  Surreal is putting it mildly, I asked my classes back then "what on earth were they smoking". Regardless I felt the need to revisit the campaign.

Sexy. Is that wrong to say that?

Yes I just said sexy, and I do find the spot(s) pretty sexy and suggestive (duh). Interesting method of delivering the main USP here: "Unique blending of juice and soda". I guess the images here are a unique blend of relationships.

The original spot titled "Naturally Juicy" was created by FFL Paris for worldwide beverage brand "Oragina". The spots are a highly unusual and animated to support the brand claim to be the only drink that is both a soda and a fruit juice.

The ad, were first released in cinemas before making their debut on TV in November 2007 and tell relates a love story between a doe and a manly bear... an unusual pairing not unlike the paring of natural fruit juice and carbonated soda, and the rest of spot is pure "party" excitement of flavor. The campaign was expanded to include several other "pairings" and other "lifestyles" of the animal kingdom.

FFL Paris employed Psyop, a group of US directors who gained prominence through their work for MTV to give the ad its distinctive look. Their methods combines computer generated images with traditional cinematographic techniques and I have included a short film on the making of the spot.
The campaign expanded out to include other spots that would include "human" and "animal" engagement. Strangest must be the "Cougar" dominatrix, nothing mild in terms of S&M fantasy. In addition there were a series of shorter spots for individual Flavors.

Interesting to note that Kateryna's thoughts on the overall spots was pretty insightful, "...good take on it I guess,  new product + competitive market = extreme idea". Agreed.

After doing a little searching for more of the campaigns spots on YouTube, I came across several other similar spots for everything from a beer to a lottery to a jeep. I am sure there are others out there.

Making of Orangina 'Naturally Juicy' 

A behind-the-scenes mini-documentary on the making of the "Naturally Juicy" commercial.

Orangina "Red Bloody" [S&M Fantasies]

Orangina "CowBoy"

Orangina "Indian"

Foxy Bingo - 2008

UK's leading online bingo site's new TV ad 2008. Offering all new users a FREE £10 when registering. No deposit required. Great ad with excellent soundtrack.

Cascade Beer - "The Natural Order"

Jeep "Singing Animals" - 2007

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Kateryna said...

It would be curious to find out how successful the campaign was (in terms of sales and awerenes)

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