Thursday, April 22, 2010

UPDATE: Another CP+B Home Run. Domino's 'Pizza Holdouts' Campaign.

Earlier this week I posted a blog piece on the CP+B "Pizza Holdouts" campaign and came across some additional insights form Domino's CMO Russell Weiner on the AdWeek article.

The campaign is now in full flight and has been creating a buzz and some very positive responses. With the various Posters, billboards, signage on trucks and even airplane banner ads that were plastered in the hometowns of three men identified as "holdouts" in order to get them to try Domino's pizza has many asking "was this real, did they actually go after these guys, are they actors playing roles, is the stunt real?"

After viewing the Domino's strategy, and the documentary, Domino's hopes consumers who have tried the pizza will spread the word to their friend and if these guys are for real, why not give Domino's a try.

In about a week, will have a feature opportunities that allows consumers to nominate friends on social nets like Twitter and Facebook and coupon offerings to stop being "holdouts" and give the new pizza a try.

Insights offered from Domino's CMO Russell Weiner:

"We're going after the holdouts [meaning consumers who haven't yet tried the new Domino's pizza]," Weiner said

"We’re really confident that if people will try our new pizza, they will like it, and they'll even recommend it to their friends," said Domino's CMO Russell Weiner.

"We can't do this on our own and reach all the holdouts out there," said Weiner. "We need help from our pizza fans. We're asking consumers to tell their friends about it." Weiner added that those who participate would get rewarded with discounts for Domino's pizza.

Weiner didn't disclose the cost of this effort, but said it is in line with the overarching campaign. "Everything we’ve done so far this year has been about getting consumers to reconsider Domino's," he said. "Our goal continues to be about convincing people to try the new pizza."

CP+B holds the account worth $165 million.

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