Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Earth Day April 22nd AXE Has A Plan to Save The World... Well At Least A Plan To Save Water Anyway.

What's not to love about AXE?

Unlimited sexual innuendo, double entendre and cheap giggles. It's all good... right?

Okay, I am likely to get killed here by feminist and non-forward thinkers.

With Earth Day only a few days away on April 22nd, this recent effort from AXE asks you, "can you 'Do The Earth A Favor & Save Water Now By Showering With 4 girls!".

A world without a "Fivesome" is just bad for the environment! 

In an attempt to raise awareness about the very serious issue of water conservation, AXE is encouraging Canadians to drop their towels at the door this April 22nd and give Showerpooling a try. Showerpooling promotes water conservation by encouraging groups of like-minded individuals to share their showers and save a valuable natural resource in the process.

Currently, only 35% of Canadians have tried Showerpooling, with Atlantic Canadians proving to be the most green-minded of us all, averaging 2.5 showerpools per week. Not sure if this information came from Stats Canada, but seems like Halifax may be the place to be.

Remind yourself on Earth Day that "Showerpooling. It’s not just environmentally friendly, it’s all kinds of friendly!"

Join the "ShoweringPooling" Facebook Group for AXE.

The campaign was developed by Zig Toronto.

Client: Unilever Canada
Brand: AXE
Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman
Executive Creative Officer: Martin Beauvais
Associate Creative Directors: Jason Hill and Michael Murray
Art Director: Jason Hill
Copywriter: Michael Murray
Designers: Andrew Cloutier and Dylan Royal 

While working on this piece I also came across another AXE message that just couldn't be ignored.
Ask yourself, "How do I fix myrself up after random nights of debauchery". Answer seems to keep up AXE.

Have you seen this crazy message from axe? Titled "Anthem", I am not sure why I am finding a combination of being so funny and a bit disturbing when a young man who used the AXE seems to forget anything. It's typical AXE branding, he becomes cool in the eyes of girls and finds himself in several odd situations. The spot features "Day and Night" by Kid Cud. This is the UNCUT version found on YouTube and may be strictly for those 18 up!

Song is "Day and Night" by Kid Cudi

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Souki said...

The Anthem video... I see what you mean by disturbing and funny.
Though, the middle sequence with the animal costume heads. I couldn't help but think of The Shining in the uncut version. Weird.

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