Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brilliant Writing Part II

This Johnnie Walker spot called "Walk" created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty London is proof of a great concept married to great talent and fostered by brilliant copywriting.

Amazingly, this ad for Johnnie Walker was done in one take, but took 40 takes to get it right. No report of how many bottles were tested and tasted to get it right.

Best ad of the year so far? It just might be.

This brilliant five-minute-plus spot by BBH London, in which Robert Carlyle, in a single continuous take, narrates the progression of Johnnie Walker whiskey from the backroom experimentation of a humble shopkeeper to the multinational powerhouse it is today. The combination of bagpiper abuse, well-timed visual cues, pitch-perfect writing and music, and Carlyle's charisma keeps the mini-movie chugging right along.

BTW, I gotta add on the Scotch note; Taxi Toronto got something right this past Thursday evening.They hosted their first Scotch Night (and I hope not the last)

Now if I can get an invite... Nick, Cam, Mykolyn, ... anyone! Invite @southsideadguy

Johnny Walker Credits:
Agency: BBH London
Creative Director: Mick Mahoney
Creative: Justin Moore

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