Friday, October 30, 2009

Victors&Spoils - If Pictures Are Worth A 1,000 Words

Yesterday I posted about the launch of Victors&Spoils a new model agency and today a few readers sent me links that told bigger stories and details of the the plans and the future of this new venture.

But non spoke to me like these two images.

Like the saying goes... "If a pictures worth a thousand words...". then these speak volumes.
The fun ahead. The personality of the agency.

Left to right; Claudia Batten, John Winsor and Evan Fry

On a side note, at the time of posting this the "crowdsourcing" model that V&S has posted for the design the corporate identity there were 131 potential designs. The best part was reading the direct feedback offered by Evan Fry.

Here is a sample of a design submitted and the feedback.

Submitted by: fluiditystudio
What I'm liking here is the start feels like something aggressive. I think it's cool that it's embracing the spirit. I think these kinds of instincts, if pushed more elegant now, a bit more understated, could create a stream of options that could get closer to the right spot. I like the black and white and the basic direction of the font. I think probably that if we end up using things like skulls or swords they would end up being very understated and need to be married to more elegant, confident-but-reserved font/feel.
Please keep going.
And thank you for going for it.

- Evan

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