Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cyclists Paving the Way - A Driver Appreciation Campaign.

A true grassroots effort created by Toronto advertising agency Switch Advertising. Born from need to promote mutual respect on the roadways of the city and in part after the tragic death of cyclist and bicycle courier Darcy Allan Sheppard.

The Toronto Cyclists Union is encouraging its members, and fellow cyclists, to stop by and pick up some "Thank You" cards to pass along to drivers who make a point of treating you with respect in traffic.   The overall mission is to "Help promote friendlier Toronto roadways for cyclsit".

The Toronto Cyclists Union is encouraging its 750+ members to thank conscientious drivers and take that first step towards safer roads. The city works better when we all work together.
Toronto cyclists will be thanking drivers who remember to give them their fair share of the road through beautifully designed Thank You cards.
“It’s easy to get angry when someone cuts you off. This summer has been filled with sensational headlines about conflicts between cyclists and drivers. What people often forget are the thousands of commuters who arrive safely, and without incident, to work, school and home every day. It’s time to encourage positive behavior and find a way to reward those people who use Toronto’s roads with respect.”
Yvonne Bambrick, Executive Director, Toronto Cyclists Union.
Cyclists Paving the Way is about sharing a more positive Toronto – and sharing is something that cyclists know all about. Though its true that bicycles are considered road vehicles under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act (HTA), the average cyclist is still paying more then their fair share to maintain the common road space.
Leaving drivers with a final word, Yvonne states:
"While it can be said that many cyclists are also drivers, the same does not hold true for most drivers. Try to imagine what it is like to ride a bike amongst heavy active machinery and please drive accordingly. Together, we can make the roads, and the city overall, better for everyone.”

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