Monday, October 12, 2009

Here's Something You Don't See Everyday - A Rock Opera (AdVerganza)... About Milk

As big fan of if 70's Rock Operas, specifically The Who's "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia" and the near perfect Lou Reed offering "Berlin". If you asked me if I would ever see the day that there would be a rock opera about milk, I would likely say "nah" not a chance in hell. Well the that day is here and hell has likely frozen over.
“The most amazing rock opera ever made - about milk.”

Seriously, I'm not kidding. This totally online effort is sponsored by the good folks at “Got Milk” and creative advertising genius agency Goodby Silverstien of San Fransisco and starring a dude named "White Gold" (wielding a milk filled electric guitar no less - for onstage replenishment) and chocolate milk partner "Jug Life", his lusty pal "Strawberry Summers" (right) make some sweet music together and of course "The Calcium Twins". (see additional images below)

I present the new rock opera "Battle for Milkquarious"! Check out the trailer here.

If you want more... then check out "White Gold" and his totally awesome website. It’s very milk-centric.
“Originality is the confluence of the opposite of epitome.” - White Gold
If you’ve never heard of "White Gold", he’s the marketing creation of California Milk Processor Board and ad agency Goodby Silverstein - who together brought us the infamous “Got Milk” campaign.

White Gold is the fake rocker who prefers milk to the bevy of stronger drugs presumably available to him. 

I am looking into details about this campaign being a "relaunch" from the spring of 2008.  MarketWire posted a piece on April 7th, 2008 about the campaign devoted to a rock band professing its love of and devotion to milk. The campaign made its television debut that day, and also launching its very own web site The campaign will show music lovers, especially teenagers, how cool and beneficial drinking milk can be. The article noted White Gold gained much of its popularity in social networking circles and video-sharing sites. Fans include teens, young adults and even influential bloggers and DJs. White Gold's MySpace page logged close to 50 thousand hits and has added about 3000 friends since it debuted on March 17, 2008 and  the band's YouTube page has garnered over 350 thousand hits.

White Golds MySpace site gives some exclusive insights to "Being White Gold".  To learn that guitar geniuses like White Gold aren't just born. "They're honed". "Crafted". "Perfected". For this maestro, consumption was the only way to become reborn and set free.
Before White Gold found "milk", the luscious white mane, the four-hour guitar solos and ripped abdominals, there was simple White Gold, the man. A mess of frail hair, a dull smile and a scrawny body. It was a rockless bottom for White Gold. He couldn't finish a three-song set without being booed off the stage and thrown out onto the street.
White Gold's stylings are described as “milk-otestical” (or possibly “milk-tastical”) which sounds disturbingly like “milk testicle.” Not sure that will be around in any of the future media releases or mentions.

The Got Milk people have a goal in producing a milk themed rock opera. This is part of $50,000 scholarship for the arts for the California Public Highschool art programs. Nothing is being given away for free however. There is going to be a contest in which entrants (students) will enter by creating their own video spoof of the White Gold Rock Opera and uploading it. More details on the exact rules where posted last week. The prizes will be a $20K scholarship for first place, one $10K winner for second place and 8 honorable mentions at $2.500!

This "adverganza" also includes a YouTube Channel and Facebook Group.

 True fans will be able to celebrate White Gold’s entire catalog when it hits iTunes no less.

Jug Life (top), The Calcium Twins (middle) and White Gold with Strawberry Summers (bottom).

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