Monday, October 12, 2009

What's Missing? See the Whole Picture... Axe Mobile App

I get asked frequently about how to "shake things up" and here is a great mobile application created by Lowe Gingko Uruguay for Axe Day & Axe Night products.

This is a pretty cool "shake up" way to use SMS & MMS to engage their target audience for the latest print ad for the new Axe Day & Axe Night products.

The print ad is censored, and follows the "Squares" campaign with perfect continuity using the campaign line “One is suitable for general audiences. The other one is not.

Readers are invited to see the censored parts of the ad by texting a number after 9pm, when they will then receive an MMS to complete image that you overlay on the print ad.

Perfect for the male target audience giving them "social currency" and a valuable "coolness discovery" he can send to his friends.

To view the campaigns TV spot follow this link:

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