Sunday, February 15, 2009

It’s Okay To Be Insecure… Really!

Hey facts are facts creative people are insecure.

I have never been ashamed to admit it.

In fact I think it is a sign of greatness. Sure we crave the validation of our peers, bosses, clients almost anyone who comes in contact with our ideas. We measure our greatness on the opinion of others. It's no wonder we covet awards! Affirmation is required in endless quantities.

So I tell you, the insecurity you fell is seen by many as a curse, I see it as a motivation, motivation to excel, motivation to achieve greater results and a method to measure your very abilities. Use it as a screening method, a filter.

Hey, what do I know… I was worried you might think I am crazy as I wrote this.

Here is a great read on the subject:

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