Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Million Dollar Winners! Doritos Consumer Generated Content (Contest)

“For the first time, it wasn’t an ad agency that created the best-liked Super Bowl commercial. It was two unemployed brothers from Batesville, Ind., whose ad for Doritos — created for an online contest for amateurs — won them $1 million from Doritos maker Frito-Lay, and leaves ad pros with a lot of ’explaining to do.”

Consumer Generated Content

I originally felt brands get the consumer-generated content they deserve, but maybe Doritos actually gets it.

Across America the battle cry; "it's time to take down the ad pros and "Crash The Super Bowl". Win $25K, then maybe $1,000,000 if America loves you. Except for the part where you can only use the assets on their site, can only enter once and only have until 11/16/08 to submit your idea, do anything you want. Yep, sounds like the restrictions every "Ad Pro"™ I know works under.

Congratulations to Joe Herbert, the creator of the spot “Free Doritos” for not only winning the contest itself, netting him $25,000 and a trip to Florida, but his commercial aired during the Superbowl, and was rated the number one ad in USA Today’s Ad Meter, beating out heavyweights Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi. According to the terms of the contest, Doritos now will be paying Joe $1,000,000 for his efforts, making 2009 pretty much the opposite of a recession year for Joe Herbert.

What’s exciting for the rest of us independent video producers is that these guys got a chance to play in the big leagues, and walked away with the top spot, based on their ideas and skills alone. Budget and connections didn’t enter into it, simply using the Internet to connect the content creators directly with the audience reaction was all it took to come out on top.

Nothing breeds opportunity like success, and I’m sure we’re going to see more high value video contests in the future.

Last years Doritos CGC Winner.

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