Sunday, June 13, 2010

If You Think The Super Bowl is Big... Welcome to The World Cup.

Call it World Cup XVIX if you need to but no question it is the worlds greatest sports spectacle. Yup, I just said that.

Consider that the opening game between South Africa and Mexico was watched by an audience of 650 million viewers and a cumulative audience of all matches for the 2006 World Cup was estimated to be 26.29 billion for all matches played. The 2006 final between Italy and France was watched by an estimated 715.1 million individuals (a ninth of the entire population of the planet). Add to this the 2006 World Cup "grouping" draw, which decides the distribution of teams into groups, was watched by 300 million viewers world wide. The NFL and the Super Bowl hardly compares.

But what about the Olympics? The Winter Games aren't even on the radar and the past Summer Games from Beijing had a world-wide total audience of 4.7 billion viewers for the games, with more than two billion people (almost one-third of the world’s population) that watched the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. These are Nielsen estimates that are based on television audience data collected from 38 key markets throughout the world, including host nation China, the U.S., Brazil, South Africa, Italy, and Australia. Impressive.

Is it safe to say that the Super Bowl is the single biggest single day event? NO! The Olympics and the World Cup seem to still hold higher numbers.

We in North America begin to take notice of the Super Bowl weeks in advance of the game wondering what the ads will be like. The host network begins to sell the spots the day after the previous game. Last week FOX announced they are more then 80% sold for next years game at an average cost of USD$3million. The agency and clients are already planning their strategies and public will be waiting for "who will have the best ad".

Over the coming weeks I will be posting World Cup themed or based ads. I can count on my Twitter feed for much of the "greatness" that will appear here. Thanks in advance to Rob Schwartz Chief Creative Officer of TBWA\ChaitDay and Dan Higgins Social Media Guru at Modernista. Both have awesome website/blogs that showcase great creative work. Rob post his views and thoughts on "Metal Potential" while Dan holds fort on "AdScientist".

Since the World Cup opened I have posted on my Twitter and Facebook feeds many creative ads from major global brands like Nike, Budweiser and Adidas. Here are a few that have caught my attention.
Also see my earlier posting of the amazing Nike "Write the Future" spot. The spot takes a Run Lola Run approach to the world cup of soccer. The advertisement features soccer legends Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Landon Donovan, Ronaldinho, Los Angeles Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant, a pingpong-playing Tennis star Roger Federer, actor Gael Garcia Bernal and even Homer Simpson. Truly an amazing spot, all 3 minutes worth. Also worthy, Check out the Nike Footbal Channel at YouTube.

So sit back enjoy, check back and see as I add more:

NIKE Football: WRITE THE FUTURE - Full Length

NIKE Football: WRITE THE FUTURE - Rooney Groundsman

NIKE Football: WRITE THE FUTURE Rooney Caravan

NIKE Football: WRITE THE FUTURE - Ronaldo Statue

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