Monday, June 21, 2010

Are You A Pain In The Facebook? Good News "Call Out" Your Friends.

 Zig Toronto has created a pretty cool Facebook app client New York Fries called "New York Fries Call Out".

Full disclosure here, it was created by two grads from my Creative Advertsing program copywriter Neil Blewett and art director Spencer Black, but I still find this to be a very cool "engagement" available to you for those friends of yours that simple "over do" it on their Facebook updates. I personal believe I was the reason they created this latest app was my personal "no" shortage of update posts.

Well technically not an "app", the cool part about the "CALL OUT" is it uses the most common Facebook function "tagging".  The agency and client (and now consumers) just uploaded posters that call out annoying Facebook behavior, and then ask people to tag their friends guilty of these types behavior. Facebook with its ever limiting restrictions on apps, this uses one of most common and inherent functions that all users are familiar with.

The legendary Crispin Porter + Bogusky Burger King "Whopper Sacrifice that required you to eliminate friends, this app lets you keep the friends, but let them know that maybe you didn't need to know about their "love of Friday's with a daily countdown" or the way "yoooooou streeeeech ooooout eeeeeeevery woooooord iiiiiin yooooouuuuur uuuuupdaaaate". Shortly after going live with The Burger King "Whopper Sacrifice Facebook disabled WHOPPER® Sacrifice after users love for the Whopper proved to be stronger than 233,906 friendships.

Like me, you likely have friends who have "over zealous" Facebook behavior and it has gotten out of control. You know the kind of update s, the ones that are calling you to comment on every single damn post. You’re not the only one.

 Since the app went live last week over 7,300 folks have tagged and told their Facebook friends you are posting too much and too frequently.

So here's your chance call out your friend’s annoying Facebook behavior! There are currently 14 different "call out" comments you can use. Simply tag your most annoying friends. They'll get the update and you might get your point across.

Big fun! Have fun!

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman
Associate Creative Directors: Michael Murray, Jason Hill
Art Director: Spencer Black
Copywriter: Neil Blewett
Producer: Jennifer Costello

Zig - New York Fries Call Out

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