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LOVE = FOOTBALL ~ PUMA Celebration of True Football. For Africa. For Football.



 Earlier this spring PUMA Teamsport launched a global celebration of "true football". Starting with "For Africa. For Football" leading up to the World Cup. PUMA is not an official "sponsor" their presences will be seen on the jersey's and boots of many nations.

The Beatles once said "all you need is love", PUMA Teamsport has refined it for their newest campaign "Love = Football", our as it appears in print, video, web and other media platforms "All you need is Football", except there are no words.

As possibly the world’s first wordless tagline, the campaign aims to transcend cultural and language barriers, just like love and football.

It is after all a World Cup year, and we will all show our insane love of the game that possess all and unites all beyond borders. Bringing football back to its roots. Because love is football.

The spot is homage to the "soul" of the game of football. Shot on location in Angola, Ghana and the Ivory Coast with original music "Going On" by Gnarls Barkley, and the spot features PUMA players Samuel Eto'o, Gervinho, Emmanuel Eboue and Mohammed Zidan.

Created by Syrup of New York, the global advertising agency for PUMA Teamsport, is the latest in the LOVE=FOOTBALL campaign which encompasses everything from chalk drawings and stickers to websites, billboards and finally this.One of the interactive pieces includes a partnership with SkySports that offers a "upload" your "LOVE" of football website. The campaign include the redesign of a website feature for the African Cup of Nations and a short film entitled “Of The Same Earth” about African unity featuring footballers Samuel Eto’o, Emmanuel Eboué, John Mensah and celebrated contemporary artist Kehinde Wiley.

The campaigns calls upon the legendary Pele a PUMA player for most of his active career, when retired as a player from the New York Cosmos, Pele’s last three words as a professional footballer captured the spirit of his approach to the game. In front of 75,000 fans at New York's Giants Stadium, he said “Love, Love, Love,” and then walked off the pitch to a standing ovation. Pele's example of pure love for football is the inspiration for PUMA's “Love = Football” campaign according to Syrup. It rings true whether you’re a player or a fan, no matter how old or how young. Whether you call it football, soccer, calcio, futebol or fotboll, the “Love = Football” campaign is universal,” explains Jakob Daschek, Chief Creative Officer of Syrup.

Based on the premise that love and football have so much in common they are virtually interchangeable in cultures around the world; the “Love = Football” campaign is already being displayed in outdoor, digital and guerrilla work throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. The work will continue to roll out leading up to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.


“The Love = Football campaign struck a chord for a PUMA," said Antonio Bertone, Chief Marketing Officer for PUMA. "Simple and poignant, the tagline goes to the heart of this world-wide phenomenon that is football. Football is one of the most powerful and universal human pursuits. We feel it and live it as a brand, having played in the global football arena for decades."

"We never set out to make ads about football. There’s something very pure about PUMA’s place in the game and we wanted to celebrate this in a way that elevates the sport to the level of the most raw of human emotions” explains Rob Holzer, CEO of Syrup.

In addition, the campaign is also being applied to each of the PUMA Teamsport campaigns with unique iterations for Rugby, Cricket and Handball and for markets around the world.



Advertising Agency: Syrup, an LBi Group Company, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Jakob Daschek
Creative Director: Gui Borchert
Director: Jakob Daschek




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