Thursday, April 2, 2009

File Under F@cking Brilliant! Part II.

What do you do when your consumer base doesn't realize that you do much more and offer more… well you create a little magic. The UPS Stores just created a "cardboard" world to help it, um, get outside the box.

A new campaign from independent Southfield (Detroit), Mich.- based Doner Advertising that launched this week and features elaborate cardboard landscapes populated by cardboard people. It's a dramatic break from the more traditional work the UPS Store has used since rebranding itself from Mail Boxes Etc. in 2003. The most recent campaign touting its various services showed consumers in the store, with Stevie Wonder's "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" as its soundtrack and generally met sales targets, but it didn't change the perception of The UPS Store -- which offers printing, copying, office supplies and other business services -- as a shipping-only outlet.

Creative... Yes, Best... Hmmmmm.

The Audi "Boxed Car" spot was all about thinking "outside the box", and I see that as the gold standard of what might be a trend in "cardboard anime" these days. But this effort does get you thinking, "What more can the UPS store do". The message is alittle on nailing down the overall "multi" services.

There certainly isn't much work, if any, out there that looks much like the campaign's first TV spot, called "Coliseum." It features a cardboard small-business owner warring with a cardboard lion in what appears to be a cardboard replica of the Roman Coliseum.

The business owner fights off the lion with the help of the UPS Store, which arms him with documents and other supplies. At one point, he smacks the lion on the head with a rolled up presentation, and the resulting hollow sound is that of a cardboard paper-towel tube hitting a cardboard box, and when the lion roars, the sound heard is cardboard tearing, said Doner VP-Creative Director Jimmy Kollin.

On one level, creating a world full of cardboard seems an odd choice for a marketer trying to show there is more to its existence than shipping, but Doner executives said that was the point. "We wanted to use the thing that they're best known for to promote the things that people don't know we do," Mr. Kollin said. "There's really nothing we can't do in cardboard, so what was the limiter becomes limitless."

AUDI Q5 - Take Me Riding Spot

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