Monday, April 13, 2009

Fresh Work. Fun Work.


Looks like I am backup and running after a few days of rest to get rid of two bugs.

One that took my insides and turned them out, and a bitter virus that killed my computer.

So final, the "AdGuy" has turned "FadGuy". I bought a MacBook.

Yes, I have joined the revolution. A little late, but I have reproted for duty.

I found these ads created by Y&R Toronto for something called Cuttie Cuts a local hair salon for kids.
Fun thinking and innovative reuse of the common "tear-away"


Brand: Cuttie Cut Children's Hair Salon

Agency: Y&R Toronto

Creative Director: David Houghton

Art Director: Zachary Muir-Vavrina

Copywriter: Sussana Forieri

Photographer: Jeremy Kohm

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