Monday, April 20, 2009

It Moves. It Grooves. It Redefines Engagement.

Looking for a way to send your message in a new, exciting and engaging fashion?

This is part of an incredible new wave of digital technology that is proving to be an effective interactive signage solution.

This is an amazing new concept in video imaging and messaging. The product is called Imagin8 and really can and will transform any visual presentation into an unforgettable interactive engagement/event.

It can make the old standard POS display into an interactive POS touch screen more and far more engaging and effective? And what a great way to spice up a retail or store displays.

Imagin8 is a Canadian company with the North American distribution rights for the Imagin8 line of interactive products. Based in Concord, Ontario, Imagin8 maintains a staff of technical, creative, and sales professionals dedicated to serving our clients needs.

Here are few of the product descriptions. Then check out the videos below.


The unique interactive floor. By combining interactive surfaces (a combination of our interactive flooring and wall display) with intuitive human body motion, we create full-body interaction – the perfect tool for innovative interactive marketing.


The unique interactive media platform. EyeTouch transforms any glass surface into an interactive form of creative expression. It creates on-the-spot interaction with passers-by at events. In short, it’s the ideal tool for optimizing interactive point-of-sale.


Is an interactive tabletop surface. It is an innovative system that turns any ordinary board into an exciting self-activated experience (interactive board). Activated by motion detection, each flat surface can be turned into an innovative information system – the ideal sales tool!


Soukvilay said... -- Sixth Sense:

Practicalities aside as well as ethical issues and what have you, technology sure is moving quickly.

Soukvilay said... -- Sixth Sense

Practicalities aside as well as ethical issues and what have you, technology certainly moves quickly.

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