Sunday, April 19, 2009

File Under F@cking Brilliant Part III

Created entirely by Stink Digital, this new interactive campaign promotes Philips latest entrant into the television market, the CINEMA 21:9.

Since the televisions 21:9 frame lends itself so readily to film, Tribal DDB, Amsterdam commissioned Stink Digital create a piece of filmed content that could hold its own with Hollywoods best.

Directed by Adam Berg, Carousel is a 2 minute 19 second short film sponsored by Philips. The film offers an exploration into one single frozen moment of time in a robbery gone wrong in one Hard Boiled-inspired continuous tracking shot. Director Berg responded with an idea for an epic cops and robbers shootout sequence that included clowns, explosions, a decimated hospital, and plenty of broken glass and bullet casings. The story line is obviously taking a cue from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, featuring a swat team who has moved in to a decimated hospital, entering into a shootout with a bunch of robbers wearing sinister clown masks. Around 90 per cent of the footage and stunts were captured in camera.

This epic film is the centrepiece of the project. On its own, it clocks in at a (totally coincidental) two minutes and 19 seconds, but Berg conceived it to work as an endless loop. Visitors to the microsite therefore have the option to spin through the films single take shot repeatedly, to stop on a specific frame, or to watch it at the preordained speed. The film also contains embedded hotspots, which, when triggered, transport the viewer seamlessly from the heavily posted film to a behind-the-scenes version of the same shot.

This constant moving between two layers of reality proved one of the projects biggest and most ambitious production challenges.

Other details of the online execution play off the cinematic theme; the microsites loader doubles as a credit sequence, while rich media takeover banners drive traffic to the site by teasing viewers with an original Carousel trailer.

All aspects of the production, from the film shoot to web design and development, were conducted by Stink Digital.

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Soukvilay said...

I just remembered:

Check it out!!!

I stumbled on this person's amazing photography about a month ago. There are videos on how he did them, such as suspension wires and such.

I found it so similar in method to this stunning ad.

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