Sunday, April 26, 2009

WTF? The Future of Advertising.

This is an amazing presentation by David Armano from his blog Logic + Emotion. He is based out of Ausitn, Texas and is an active participant in the social media industry. He recently joined Dachis Corp., a social media consulting firm set up by Razorfish founder Jeffrey Dachis. He left the Chicago offices of Critical Mass where he was VP of Experience Design.

He writes his Logic+Emotion blog, which has been ranked in the top 20 media + marketing blogs according to Advertising Age.

This is a presentation he will be delivering tomorrow on the "Future of Advertising" hosted by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

From Logic+Emotion:
To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm qualified to talk about the future of anything least Advertising, especially since my background prior to all the "social" has been primarily in Web design. I've never even worked on an ad. But, what the hell, I gave it a shot. The above slideshow illustrates a few things I'm thinking of as it pertains where things could be going.

Short story? The Ad industry, like many is in the throes of significant change. Agencies and clients are shifting gears from high production value, "360 degree campaigns" and opting to explore new areas to see what works (and measuring along the way). Users on the Web have developed a taste for authentic communication, often produced by their peers who are very capable of doing this (blogs, reviews, forums etc.). Word of mouth (both positive and negative) spreads more rapidly than ever before and traditional online advertising (such as banners) are largely ignored and rarely clicked on.

Many organizations haven't adapted, still working with production staff that may not have the appropriate skill sets or agility to create lightweight initiatives that can turn on a dime. Many organizations still segment groups into "creative", "copy" "strategy", etc. The reality is that digital keeps forcing these disciplines to collide as seamlessly as technology can be mashed.

Organizational disciplines are evolving as well. When a product community helps influence the development of your products is that marketing, R&D or both?
Read his full thoughts at Logic+Emotions.

You can watch a live-stream David's presentation at starting around 6:00 p.m. CST, Monday, April 27, 2009.

If you are in Minneapolis, catch it live at the Fine Line Music Cafe.

You can learn more about David's presentation and the event location here: .

The event is free. Please feel free to attend!

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Jett said...

Love it. If this is the future of advertising, I'm all in.

Parts of the presentation and the write-up really hit home with me in regards to my quest to figure out exactly where I fit in this business. I'll post something up on my blog after I get a few things out of the way.

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