Sunday, February 21, 2010

Legendary AdMen Talking. Lois, Clow, Weiden, Kennedy and Silverstein.

Ahhhhh, to be a fly on the wall in the room this "round table" conversation took place would nothing short of being amongst advertising royalty.

Some of the biggest names in advertising gather around the table with "Art & Copy" director Doug Pray and talked about the life-enhancing, world-changing powers of advertising and how it has change society, developed culture and made each of them "career" lifers.

Included in the conversation are the films director Doug Pray, along with modern day Advertising  Mad Men Rich Silverstein of Goodby Silverstein the mind behind the "Got Milk?" campaign. Lee Clow  of TBWAChiat/Day creator of the famed Apple "1984" Super Bowl Spot and the "Think Different" campaign, Dan Wieden and David Kennedy of Wieden + Kennedy who have been the men behind Nike and the iconic" Just Do It" and the legendary advertising Hall of Famer George Lois.

Art & Copy is now considered the best "Recruitment" films to encourage anyone to consider a career in advertising. "Art & Copy" has been making the its rounds across the globe to packed theaters, art schools and community centers gaining nothing but outstanding reviews.

This short video is truly a blessing to hear from the real life and legendary "MadMen" of the second "Creative Revolution".

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