Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Romance Continues. Droga5 - Puma Adds Valentines Day Love with Rugby Love.

If you still don’t know what to give your lover today, aren't a soccer fan, and you just love sport as much as you love her, well choose the "Chabal Bear".

Droga5 and Puma is continuing to launch viral videos dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day.
Puma is following up its romantic "HardChorus" spots, which had hardcore football (soccer)  fans serenading their ladies remotely, Droga5 created this rugby-themed effort for the Six Nations Championship.

"HardChorus" was created for the UK and Italian audiences, so just in case the French audiences were feeling left out? No worries, Puma’s made something "really" special for you. For the French guys who make dramatic professions of love "all the time", so rather than bore mademoiselle with another serenade, you can wow her with the Sebastien Chabal Teddy Bear.

The hilarious spot features a guy bestowing a classic Valentine's Day gift on his gal - a bear with the face of Sebastien Chabal, the so-called scariest man in rugby, without question he is the "anti-Beckham, and many women somehow think he is actually kinda hot in an early-man sort of way.

The Chabal is known for his violent, eccentric behavior and unusual appearance, all which makes him a living "real caveman", somewhat neanderthal . But this NOT A TOY! It will monitor your activity daily and nightly. The video teaches how to exactly handle your new gift with on screen and voiceover warnings that included, “Don’t look Shabal Bear directly in the eyes"; "In time Shabal Bear will grow physically stronger"; "If Chabal Bear escapes from cage, run away (cage sold separately)".

In the end owning the most active dog ever known to man may be only marginally better then getting the “Chabal Bear”.

BTW: I think this doll could actually take off...(hey Julia Albu... can I get my order in now?)

Agency: Droga5
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Executive Creative Director: Ted Royer
Copywriter: Scott Ginsberg
Art Director: January Vernon

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